In 2000 Zinetula Bilyaletdinov returned to Dynamo as a head coach. He previously led our team to title but as a captain of the team.

Accidentally, it was first season of Professional Hockey League (PHL). Dynamo liked to win first titles in new leagues. Superleague was reduced to 20 teams, the scoring system was changed. From that season winner of the game in regular time got three points, win in overtime or shootout gave you two points.

Dynamo became the winner of regular season. In first round Dynamo faced with Dynamo-Energiya team from Yekaterinburg and beat the opponent 3-0 in the series. At next stage we defeated our main rival of Russian times Lada Togliatti – 3-1. In semi-finals Metallurg Novokuznetsk was close to beat us leading in the series 1-0 and 2-1. Dynamo played perfect in fourth and fifth game that ended with 5:0 and 6:0 score. In finals Dynamo in five games overplayed Ak Bars Kazan.