Dynamo Moscow was founded on November 22, 1946. However, our football players who played ‘Russian’ hockey at winter times, participated in few games against German club Fichte in 1932. And they played in ‘Canadian’ hockey that we called right now an ice-hockey. In first official game our team defeated Germans with 17-3 score.

In 1945 Dynamo played again in ‘Canadian’ hockey, that time in England at Wembley stadium. During the trip of football club our player acknowledged that there is a hockey rink with artificial ice.

So, we can call Dynamo the first ever Russian hockey club. De-facto it was formed in 1932. First Soviet Championship started only in 1946. On December 22, 1946 Dynamo played the first ever game at Soviet Championship beating Vodnik Arkhangelsk with 5-1 score. Blue-Whites even became the first ever Soviet Champions at that season.

The second success happened only in seven years when Dynamo was led by legendary Arkady Ivanovich Cherhyshov.

On March 15, 1990 Dynamo won the title for the third time in Soviet history. 90s became the golden era for the club: titles in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1995.

In 1999-00 campaign Zinetula Bilyaletdinov was named as a head coach. He previously won the title as a captain of Dynamo, that year he led our team to the title from the bench.

Title in 2004-05 season was quite special. Our clubs were full of NHL stars and Dynamo won the title again.

In KHL era Dynamo won the title twice with Oleg Znarok as a coach. In 2011-12 Dynamo trailed in final series against Avangard 1-3 and managed to make a huge come back to lift the Gagarin Cup.

Vitaly Davydov, Vladimir Yurzinov, Alexander Maltsev, Valery Vasilyev, Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, Vasily Pervukhin, Vladimir Myshkin, Anatoly Semyonov, Mikhail Shtalenkov, Alexei Zhamnov, Maxim Afinogenov, Alexander Ovechkin, … It is a short-list of players who connected his life with Dynamo and made a huge impact in world of hockey.

Coaches Arkady Chernyshyov, Vladimir Yurzinov, players Vitaly Davydov, Alexander Maltsev, Valery Vasilyev were named to IIHF Hall of Fame.

What is Dynamo Moscow?

-          Dynamo participated in all Soviet/Russian Championships in elite group;

-          11-time winner of Soviet/Russian Championship;

-          3-time winner of USSR Cup;

-          3-time winner of MHL Cup;

-          2-time winner of Gagarin Cup;

-          Winner of IIHF European Champions Cup;

Our club raised 25 Olympic champions, 33 winners of IIHF World Championships, 33 winners of World Juniors, 18 winners of World Juniors U18. Our motto is “Strength in motion and unity, and we are not going to stop!”