Dynamo stadium is a historic place for Russian sport. Right here games of first Soviet Hockey Championship were played in 1946. Dynamo became the first champion in our hockey history. Dynamo team were led by playing Coach Arkady Chernyshyov who learnt the hockey rules from one of German prisoner of war. Later these prisoners worked at the stadium after WWII.

In 1957 Dynamo stadium held few games of Ice Hockey World Championship. It was the last time in history when games of this tournament were played at natural ice.

VTB Arena – Central Stadium “Dynamo” n.a. L.I. Yashin

Sport complex included football arena and hockey arena n.a. A.I. Chernyshyov.

Capacity of football arena is 26 121 spectators, during concerts capacity extends to 33 000 spectators.


Hockey Arena allows holding hockey and basketball games, concerts. The capacity could be extended to 14 000 spectators.

Complex includes parking lot for 719 parking places. One of the most intriguing area of the complex is restaurant that allows to watch events at both arenas at the same time live.

How to get to Arena