In 1993 Dynamo became the champion for fourth straight time. Only CSKA had this kind of series in history of our hockey. Dynamo became the first winner of IHL (International Hockey League) that replaced Soviet Championship.

The Championship included 24 teams that was divided into two groups. Teams from different groups could only play against each other in playoffs. The winner of IHL needed to play additional games to become the Russian champion.

We lost a big group of players again. New stars came – Sergei Gonchar, Viktor Kozlov. That year we had a first import player American Mike Muller. Vladimir Yurzinov moved to Finnish TPS, Pyotr Vorobyov became the head coach.

Dynamo did not face a lot of troubles in first two rounds. In semi-finals Traktor was close to beat Blue-Whites. They won the first game and in the second Dynamo trailed 0-2 in the end of the game but managed to survive. In final series Dynamo beat Lada Togliatti with 3-0 score in the series.