The first ever Soviet ice-hockey championship was held from December 22, 1946 till January 26, 1947. The short period of time stemmed from the fact that there were not any rinks with artificial ice. That is why this result cannot be downplayed, and Dynamo became the first ever champion.

The head coach of our Dynamo Arkady Ivanovich Chernyshyov consulted with player from the Baltics who played in ‘Canadian’ hockey before. Spartak Moscow became the third team of the championship, CSKA (former CDKA) finished the second.

Teams included only 12 players – two goalies, three defensemen, seven forwards. Chernyshyov was a forward and acted as a playing coach.

Spartak, CDKA and Dynamo competed in final round. Our team did not start well losing to both of our opponents in first round. In the second round Dynamo beat Spartak and CDKA, accidentally Red-Whites helped to grab a title beating their main rivalries.

Our roster included players who participated in Soviet Championships in bandy and football. In February 1947 our eight players Oleg Tolmachyov, Vasily Komarov, Boris Bocharnikov, Sergei Solovyov, Nikolay Medvedev, Vasily Trofimov, Nikolai Postavnin and Vsevolod Blinkov won Soviet Cup in bandy.