Finally beating CSKA

Dynamo found a way to beat CSKA this season.

Before the game we got bad news, Michal Cajkovsky missed the game due to injury. Dynamo twice lost CSKA this season and cannot win at home Army Men team for seven games.

CSKA had some possession in the first part of the game. Alexander Yeryomenko had a lot of work. However we were the first to open the scoresheet. Dmitrij Jaskin buried the rebound to make it 1-0.

At the start of the second CSKA tied the game. But Dynamo struck back fast. Vadim Shipachyov played on the rebound after Sergei Boykov’s shot. Later Teemu Pulkkinen fired from his cannon to extend our lead.

Dmitry Kagarlitsky fed up Jaskin with a nice pass letting him score the second of the night. We were not able to secure a 3-goal lead. CSKA scored twice making the end of the game very dramatic.

Alex Ovechkin with his son supported us that night, so it was difficult to lose that night.

Dynamo will come back into action after the break and will play against Severstal on November 12.

Dynamo Moscow – CSKA – 4:3 (1:0, 2:1, 1:1)

Goals: 1:0 Jaskin (Shipachyov, Sergeyev, 06:17), 1:1 Telegin (Kiselevich, Svetlakov, 23:31), 2:1 Shipachyov (Kagarlitsky, Boykov, 26:15), 3:1 Pulkkinen (Lindberg, 38:01), 4:1 Jaskin (Kagarlitsky, Boykov, 44:09), 4:2 Korostelyov (Popov, 54:07), 4:3 Shalunov (Kiselevich, Okulov, 56:04, PP)

Goalies: Yeryomenko – Johansson.

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