Bitter loss at enemy rink

Dynamo wasted 3-0 lead in the third game of the series

The series against Spartak moved to their CSKA Arena. This year we defeated Red-Whites in six contests. Coaches decided to put goalie Ivan Bocharov to the net.

Our troops started pretty well scoring three unanswered goal to the end of the fifth minute. Spartak changed goalie, took a timeout. Great position to clinch the series.

Unfortunately the momentum changed pretty fast. To the end of the first period Spartak scored two goals and tied the game on 34th minute of the play. In one minute Michal Cajkovsky restored our lead. We secured our lead to the end of the third period.

With 2:44 to play Patrik Hersley tied the game. The game moved to overtime where we did not use two powerplay chances. Spartak answered with a goal on 76th minute.

The series is getting more exciting. We will come back to action on March, 8.

 Spartak – Dynamo Moscow – 5:4 OT (2:3, 1:1, 1:0, 1:0)

Goals: 0:1 Polygalov (Tarasov, 00:53), 0:2 Lyamin (Tarasov, Shipachyov, 03:12, PP), 0:3 Muranov (Yefremov, Kulyomin, 04:34), 1:3 Zubov (Nikishin, 06:28), 2:3 Fyodorov (I.Visnevsky, 19:54), 3:3 Khokhlachyov (Tsyplakov, 33:14), 3:4 Cajkovsky (Jaskin, Shipachyov, 34:39), 4:4 Hersley (Kuteikin, Khokhlachyov, 57:16, PP), 5:4 Kotlyarevsky (Tsyplakov, Yunkov, 75:27)

Goalies: Hudacek, Bespalov - Bocharov

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