Game of the year

Dynamo Moscow finished the home series with a crazy game against Traktor.

The first game between these teams was one of the interesting in the current championship. Due to our roster, Ivan Muranov replaced Anton Wedin who suffered an injury.

It started from the beginning. At the 3rd minute, Andrei Stas pulled Traktor ahead, and then before the intermission, Muranov and Vadim Shipachyov turned the score around. We need only five minutes in the second to make the score 5-1 with Bogdan Yakimov’s and Anton Belov’s first goals for our hockey club. Traktor didn’t give up and somehow they managed to cut this lead to the 49th minute of the game.

Soon Yegor Zaytsev with a great opening made it 6-5 for Dynamo. With 2:52 left to play on the clock, Traktor again made the game even. Everything has been decided in overtime where Andrei Mironov who was involved in a number of brawls decided the game.

A night to remember.

Dynamo Moscow – Traktor – 7:6 OT (2:1, 3:1, 1:4, 1:0)

Goals: 0:1 Stas (02:32), 1:1 Muranov (Sergeyev, 11:16), 2:1 Shipachyov (O’Dell, Lindberg, 16:00, PP), 3:1 Yakimov (Zaytsev, 24:58), 4:1 Belov (Galiyev, 27:57, PP), 5:1 Galiyev (Sergeyev, O’Dell, 29:43, PP), 5:2 Pulkkinen (34:19), 5:3 Kalinin (41:55, PP), 5:4 Osnovin (46:46), 5:5 Tertyshny (48:54, PP), 6:5 Zaytsev (Lindberg, Shipachyov, 49:46), 6:6 Karpukhin (57:08), 7:6 Mironov (Lindberg, O’Dell, 62:39)

Goalies: Bocharov – Will, Garipov

Best player