Seven goals in Minsk

Dynamo Moscow got the important points in away games against Dinamo Minsk.

This game became the 900th for Dynamo Moscow in the KHL. Defenseman Anton Belov, who recently signed a try-out contract  played first game for our team. Dinamo Minsk had only three lines of players due to illnesses.

We started extremely well. At the 8th second of the game Stanislav Galiyev scored the fastest goal of the season and repeated our record in KHL. In 2008 Alexei Kalyuzhny scored on 8th second of the game against Salavat Yulaev. Later Eric O’Dell doubled our lead, Minsk struck back with Artyom Demkov’s attempt. At the end of the period Alexander Petunin and again Galiyev made it 4-1 for Dynamo.

Dynamo dominated on the ice in the second frame. Slava Voynov, Ivan Didkovsky and O’Dell made the score even higher. Didkovsky scored his first KHL goal. In the third period teams didn’t play at full speed, however young Dinamo players were really hungry. Ilya Usov made a brace to secure the final score 7-3 for Dynamo Moscow.

Dinamo Minsk – Dynamo Moscow – 3:7 (1:4, 0:3, 2:0)

Goals: 0:1 Galiyev, 0:2 O’Dell, 1:2 Demkov, 1:3 Petunin, 1:4 Galiyev, 1:5 Voynov, 1:6 Didkovsky, 1:7 O’Dell, 2:7 Usov, 3:7 Usov

Goalies: Kolosov - Bocharov

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