Black Deja Vu

Dynamo lost again to Vityaz in October.

Anton Wedin made his debut for Dynamo, he played alongside Rob Klinkhammer and Eric O’Dell.

It started quite well for our team. Eric O’Dell opened the scoreboard after a nice feed from Dmitry Rashevsky. It was a confident game but at one point it turned to self-confidence. Vityaz used one of the chances to tie the game.

The second period became a real disaster. Vityaz used all their weapons to score four unanswered goals that became a real shock for our team and the rest of the game became just formality. In the third period, Vladislav Yefremov cut the lead of Vityaz. Anyway, we pushed hard but it was difficult to beat Ivan Kulbakov.

The next games are against Lokomotiv and SKA.

 Dynamo Moscow – Vityaz – 2:5 (1:1, 0:4, 1:0)

Goals: 1:0 O’Dell, 1:1 Goncharov, 1:2 Yaremchuk, 1:3 Kemilainen, 1:4 Ojamaki, 1:5 Kemilainen, 2:5 Yefremov

Goalies: Bocharov - Kulbakov

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