Marching to the next round

Dynamo survived in the end to advance to the next round.

After games in Cherepovets, our coaches only changed the goalie. Alexander Yeryomenko returned to the net. It was our game from the start. In the first period Juuso Hietanen capitalized on the powerplay. In the second we needed 10 minutes to make a 4-0 comfortable lead.

After that we Jindrich Abdul cut our lead. The third period became very dramatic when their defenseman Vadim Kudako scored twice and organized the nervous end of the game.

Severstal hit the post, it was a real brawl in the last seconds of the game. But we survived and advanced to the next round where we will face SKA St. Petersburg.

The playoffs will start next week and we’re starting on the road.

Dynamo Moscow – Severstal – 4:3 (1:0, 3:1, 0:2)

Goals: 1:0 Hietanen (Lindberg, 10:22, PP), 2:0 Jaskin (20:35), 3:0 Lindberg (E. Zaytsev Muranov, 25:13), 4:0 Kulyomin (E.Zaytsev, Muranov, 30:22), 4:1 Abdul (Kudako, Moiseyev, 33:32), 4:2 Kudako (Morozov, Liska, 46:09), 4:3 Kudako (Abdul, Moiseyev, 56:49)

Goalies: Yeryomenko – Podyapolsky, Shugayev

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