One step to the second round

Andrei Sergeyev helped Dynamo to win the third game in the series.

Our coaches decided not to make any changes in the lineup, but Severstal made a big number of it. The main happened in goalie line where Dmitry Shugayev replaced Vladislav Podyapolsky who played great series so far.

In the first period our team created a comfortable lead thanks to pair of goals from Andrei Sergeyev. After the intermission we allowed Severstal to tie the game in 42 seconds span. Good for us that in ten minutes Sergeyev made a hat-trick with a nice shot from the left circle to score his first KHL hat-trick and the second hat-trick for a D-man in KHL playoffs.

The tight battle continued later in the game but we were strong enough on our own end. In the end, Dmitrij Jaskin scored an empty-netter and later Magnus Pajaarvi’s goal.

We’re heading back to Moscow with the hope to finish the series at home.

Severstal – Dynamo Moscow – 2:5 (0:2, 2:1, 0:2)

Goals: 0:1 Sergeyev (Cajkovsky, Shipachyov, 11:03), 0:2 Sergeyev (15:15, PP), 1:2 Morozov (Alexeyev, 20:29), 2:2 Kodola (Lalonde, 21:11), 2:3 Sergeyev (Shipachyov, Kagarlitsky, 31:41), 2:4 Jaskin (Shipachyov, Sergeyev, 58:43, EN), 2:5 Pajaarvi (E. Zaytsev, 59:39)

Goalies: Shugayev - Bocharov

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