The series tied at one

The Blue-Whites lost to Severstal in the second game of the series.

Coaches made the changes only in the fourth line before the second matchup against Severstal. The start of the game was similar to the third period of the last game where Severstal played very aggressively and accurately. Visitors opened the scoreboard with a nice redirection from Nikita Guslistov.

At the beginning of the second Vadim Shipachyov capitalized on the powerplay. Later we conceded two unanswered goals and we were able to cut their lead with 10 seconds left to play. It wasn’t our game, so many mistakes cost us the win tonight.

In the third Severstal scored two more goals to seal a win. Ivan Bocharov played the last minutes of the game for our teams.

The series is moving to Cherepovets, and it’s cleared that we’ll return to Moscow for Game #5.

Dynamo Moscow – Severstal – 2:5 (0:1, 2:2, 0:2)

Goals: 0:1 Guslistov (Makeyev, 15:23), 1:1 Shipachyov (Kagarlitsky, Sergeyev, 24:14, PP), 1:2 Petunin (Lalonde, 30:41), 1:3 Lalonde (Kapustin, Guslistov, 35:53), 2:3 Kagarlitsky (Jaskin, 39:50, PP), 2:4 Nattinen (Liska, 43:18), 2:5 Kodola (53:09)

Goalies: Yeryomenko, Bocharov - Podyapolsky

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