Shipov shines

The Blue-Whites got a huge win against Amur

Vladimir Bryukvin joined the injury list after the latest game against Lokomotiv. That’s why coaches decided to rely on young guys. Bogdan Trineyev played his third KHL game, Ivan Didkovsky made his debut in K.

Dynamo got a possession in the first period of the game however their goalie Evgeny Alikin didn’t have a real shots to stop. More over our forward Vyacheslav Kulyomin got an injury and the game became even more harder.

But the second started with Ivan Muranov’s goal who didn’t score in regular seasons yet. After videoreview officials disallowed it due to goalie interference. Later Daniil Tarasov gave a great pass to Ilya Shipov who opened the scoreboard. In seven minutes Shipov redirected the puck after Oscar Lindberg’s shot. Their line that was formed after Kulyomin’s injury started to shine.

In the third Lindberg made it 3-0 for Dynamo. The end of the game was quite dramatic. We got two diving calls, disallowed two goals, but more important we survived and grabbed another two points.

On Tuesday we will finish our homestand against Metallurg.

Dynamo Moscow – Amur – 3:2 (0:0, 2:0, 1:2)

Goals: 1:0 Shipov (Mironov, Tarasov, 29:02), 2:0 Shipov (Lindberg, 36:09), 3:0 Lindberg (Shipov, Tarasov, 48:36), 3:1 Polunin (Gorshkov, 48:43), 3:2 Tereshchenko (Golubev, 58:17, PP)

Goalies: Bocharov - Alikin

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