What a night!

Dynamo Moscow trailed 0-3 with 10 minutes left to play

Vladimir Bryukvin and Semyon Pankratov returned to the lineup after injuries. Dynamo was more active in the first period of the game and we were expected to see during the whole series of our latest games.

After the first period the momentum changed. Lokomotiv made only 10 shots on goals however they scored goals. After this it was time to remember how hard we played against Lokomotiv this season.

With 09:04 on the clock in the first our team started a huge comeback scoring three powerplay goals in 6-minutes span. Dmitrij Jaskin and Andrei Sergeyev collected two assists, Oscar Linbderg, Dmitry Kagarlitsky and Vadim Shipachyov scored for a goal to tie things up. In the overtime Michal Cajkovsky scored from close range to complete our “-3” comeback.

Dynamo Moscow will be back in action on Saturday against Amur.

 Dynamo Moscow – Lokomotiv – 4:3 OT (0:0, 0:3, 3:0, 1:0)

Goals: 0:1 Kayumov (Rafikov, Osipov, 20:53), 0:2 Rafikov (Osipov, Alexeyev, 33:18), 0:3 Lander (Marchenko, Averin, 39:10), 1:3 Lindberg (Jaskin, Cajkovsky, 50:56, PP), 2:3 Kagarlitsky (Jaskin, Sergeyev, 56:06, PP), 3:3 Shipachyov (Sergeyev, Mironov, 56:44, PP), 4:3 Cajkovsky (Jaskin, Lindberg, 63:23)

Goalies: Bocharov - Pasquale

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