Tough test from youngsters

After the successful surgery our head coach Vladimir Krikunov backed to the bench. Goalie Alexander Yeryomenko played his first game since October 1. Also coaches made some rotation in bottom lines.

Dinamo Minsk suffered problems with Covid that’s why for the second time in history they had only local roster with 18-years old Alexei Kolosov in the net playing his first KHL game.

We dominated on the ice in the first period however we missed two breakaways that led to goals from Igor Martynov and Yegor Sharangovich. The last one happened with only 1 second in the clock. But Artyom Volkov scored our first goal of the night in 14 seconds after Martynov’s.

In the second we turned the game around. Mikhail Grigoryev scored his first of the season with a long shot, then Vadim Shipachyov gave us a lead from the breakaway. In the third period was a real tight battle that was ended in last breathes of the play. Shipachyov and Dmitry Kagarlitsky sent the empty-netters to give us a 5-2 win.

 Dynamo Moscow – Dinamo Minsk – 5:2 (1:2, 2:0, 2:0)
Goals: 0:1 Martynov (Kogalev, 02:40), 1:1 Volkov (Mironov, O.Zaytsev, 02:54), 1:2 Sharangovich (Znakharenko, Buynitsky, 19:59, SH), 2:2 Grigoryev (Shipachyov, 24:53), 3:2 Shipachyov (Mironov, 27:33), 4:2 Shipachyov (Tarasov, Kagarlitsky, 58:03, EN), 5:2 Kagarlitsky (59:23, EN)

Goalies: Yeryomenko - Kolosov

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