Their Will

Dynamo created a lot of chance but lost to Trakto

Morning news told us the of the raising stars of Traktor Vitaly Kravtsov will miss tonight’s game. Dynamo won’t have major problems with roster, all changes happened only for rotation. Coaches decided to put goalie Alexander Yeryomenko started in the net.

As usual first period was difficult for our team. Their goalie Roman Will played extremely well. In the middle of the frame Lukas Sedlak redirected the puck after long distance by Nick Bailen. At the start of the second Traktor capitalized on powerplay. However next 20 minutes was in our favor. Teemu Pulkkinen and Daniil Tarasov tied the game.

In 48 seconds Nick Bailen restored Traktor’s lead and then Yaroslav Kosov scored last goal of the night. Dynamo tried hard, made 41 shots on the net but cannot score more than two goals.

Dynamo Moscow – Traktor – 2:4 (0:1, 1:1, 1:2)

Goals: 0:1 Sedlak (Bailen, Polygalov, 11:32, PP), 0:2 Hyka (Sedlak, Osnovin, 20:26, PP), 1:2 Pulkkinen (Cajkovsky, Hietanen, 26:05), 2:2 Tarasov (Shipachyov, Hietanen, 40:24, PP), 2:3 Bailen (Osnovin, Sedlak, 41:12), 2:4 Kosov (Polygalov, Manukhov, 45:27)

Goalies: Yeryomenko - Will

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