Blue-White Revenge

Dynamo Moscow defeated Spartak in the second episode of Moscow Derby

Before the season KHL decided that September is the best month for Moscow Derbies. It was the second episode throughout 2020-2021 season, the third one will happen in one week at enemy waters.

Coaching staff decided to try forward Dmitry Kagarlistsky in the second line with imports. Young forward Nikita Popugayev played his first game for the Dynamo. His father Andrei played for our team in 80s and 90s.

In the beginning of the game we allowed some bad penalties. However we managed to open the scoreboard. Right after Michal Cajkovsky’s blast puck hit Dmitrij Jaskin’s helmet and went in. In few moments Vladimir Bryukvin doubled our lead.

In the second frame Cajkovsky and Oscar Lindberg sent Spartak’s goalie Nikita Bespalov to the bench. For Lindberg this goal became first in KHL and for Dynamo in official games.

4:0 is enough? Not for Vladimir Bryukvin who made more damage for Spartak in the third. 5:0!

Next game Dynamo will play on Thursday in Sochi ahead of Formula-1 Russian Grand Prix.

Dynamo Moscow – Spartak – 5:0 (2:0, 2:0, 1:0)

Goals: 1:0 Jaskin (Hietanen, Cajkovsky, 13:34, PP), 2:0 Bryukvin (Grigoryev, Yefremov, 14:35), 3:0 Cajkovsky (Pulkkinen, Lindberg, 29:47), 4:0 Lindberg (Kagarlitsky, Pulkkinen, 33:00), 5:0 Bryukvin (51:08)

Goalies: Bocharov – Bespalov, Hudacek

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