Jaskin show

Dynamo finished the hardest trip of the season with 100% result


After games in Khabarovsk and Nur-Sultan Dynamo felt some relieved. Our guys showed that team is on the way to return on reels. Michal Cajkovsky suffered some injuries and previously game however he was clear to play tonight.

The game started really well. On the 13th minute of the play Vadim Shipachyov fed up Daniil Tarasov with a nice pass to open the scoreboard. Later during penalty-killing Shipachyov passed to Dmitrij Jaskin how light 2-0 for Dynamo on the board.

Small details decided the first minutes of the second frame when Yegor Milovzorov and Vitaly Menshikov found a way to cut our lead and tie the game. The game was decided later in the third period when Dmitrij Jaskin scored on the powerplay and sent the puck to empty net. It’s the second hat-trick in KHL for Czech forward and first this season.

 Sibir – Dynamo Moscow – 2:4 (0:2, 2:0, 0:2)

Goals: 0:1 Tarasov (Shipachyov, 12:18), 0:2 Jaskin (Shipachyov, 18:35, SH), 1:2 Milovzorov (Li, 24:25), 2:2 Menshikov (Komarov, Sannikov, 28:09), 2:3 Jaskin (Tarasov, Hietanen, 51:09, PP), 2:4 Jaskin (59:58, EN)

Goalies: Sateri - Bocharov

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